Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things you might see on the street #19 (dog sign)

I love this.  Because, yes, of course dogs understand and obey pictograms: "Hey, here I am, out for a walk with my owner, whew, boy, I really need to go - this looks like a good spot.  But wait - what's that there?  Oh dang, it's a sign saying I can't go here, well, I'm a dog so I can't possibly disobey a picture painted on a wall, guess I'd better mosey on down the street and find a better spot..."


  1. Anonymous30/7/11 01:19

    Cela dit, I suspect the dogs are better at obeying the signs than many of their owners...

  2. Obviously the sign is intended for the dogs owner and it is done as a pictogram so it can be understand regardless of a person's langauge. I understand your take on it. BUT I have a serious question. Do you think dogs could understand a pictogram, such as find someone, go find help?