Friday, September 2, 2011

Paris Pride (slightly delayed)

So I was just looking through my backlog of photos and realized that there are some good ones from a while back that I never got around to posting during my whole moving/no internet/crazy phase, and that I should probably go ahead and post them anyway.  This batch are from Pride Day, which was waaaaay back in June, and yes, I know it's now September, but it's not like you tune into this blog for current events, now is it?  At least I hope not, or you must be horribly disappointed every time...

So on this occasion, I was at Tiny Dancer's place, which has an enviable view onto the Place de la Bastille, and therefore it was the perfect place to capture some of the colourful characters and ambiance.  Enjoy...
Slightly crowded

Honestly, I kind of want purple wings now myself.

Whole truck full of abs. What?  I can look...



Kind of Alice in Wonderland, but I like it

It's a bee thing, I guess

My absolute favourite - check out those boots!

I have no idea.

Blackberry in one hand, beer and whip in the other.  Respect.

And then, it was over...

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  1. I'll buy you the purple wings if you buy me the funky chair hat.