Thursday, January 12, 2012

I miss London

Yes, it's true - I do sometimes miss it.  In many ways, London drove me crazy when I lived there, but still, I was there for nine years and now when I visit, I get to enjoy all the great aspects (friends, nostalgia, pubs, free museums, English humour, etc) without having to worry about all of the annoying things that used to bug me when I lived there (don't even get me started on that list, because it's a loooong one.  And yes, you bastards at British Gas who hounded me for a year about a bill I didn't even owe, you are definitely on that list.  But I digress...)   Don't get me wrong, the annoying things still exist, but they don't really bug me because I don't have to put up with them long-term anymore.  The first year I lived in Paris, I went back to London four times for nice long visits of a week or more, but last year, I didn't go back until the end of September, and then it was only for a two-day work trip, followed by one in October and another one in December, so I did get to go, but only very briefly, and it really made me miss the city and my friends there.

So I was thinking that from time to time I might put some of my London photos and stories on here.  I know that this is a blog about Paris, but occasionally it's about me, and since London was a big part of my life, it should get a little shout-out once in a while.  (Besides, it's my damn blog so I'll do as I please anyway - hee!)

During these recent trips, I had occasion to spend some time at my company's rather splendid new building, in which my boss has a to-die-for office.  I have no idea how he's ever going to get any work done in there, because these are the views from his floor-to-ceiling windows:

I believe that's the Lloyd's building right in the middle of a double rainbow.  Lloyd's, I think I've just found your next advertising image - call me if you want to buy the photo!

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  1. Nothing wrong with stories about London.....go for it