Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Slightly misplaced generation

Okay, wait a minute - how exactly did it get to be the end of September already???  I thought the craziness of summer in Paris was going to die down a bit as we eased into autumn, but looking at my calendar, I realize that I have been to 17 social events in the past 27 days - no wonder I've been such a...how to put it?... slightly erratic correspondent, shall we say? 

But I have a theory about what's going on here - my circle of expat friends in Paris is all very Lost Generation: we have no money but we somehow manage to go out (hence the summer of picnics - relaxing in a park with a bottle of wine and a baguette is one of the cheapest and nicest things to do in Paris), we drink far too much, most of us are creative in one way or another, and we hang out together all the time.  But there is good reason for this - when your friends are expats, you never know how long they'll be here, because Paris is very expensive and can be difficult, and for one reason or another, people leave.  In just the past few months, Chica Libre (who writes the great blog of the same name, look for the link on the right side of this page) has moved to New York; Bronx Girl has gone back to Los Angeles; and the Southern Belle (previously known in this blog as Miss RA, but this nickname is better) headed off to Italy.  And as wonderful as it is to have them as friends wherever they are, it sucks that they're not still here.  So I think the moral here is to appreciate the people you're with, because you never know when they just might not be around anymore.  Or it could just be an excuse for us to all drink more wine...

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