Thursday, December 23, 2010

Reims with the Rednecks

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Reims with Mr and Mrs Redneck.  We didn't know much about champagne (other than how to drink it, which we are all very, very good at), so where better to find out about it than in Reims, the champagne capital of France, and therefore the world?  So we set off for a day of sightseeing (Reims cathedral and the Basilica St-Remi), education (touring a champagne house), and general merriment (the drinking of many samples of champagne).  In fact, our merriment factor was cranked up so far by the end of the day that we just had to keep it up on our train journey back to Paris.  We had planned to visit the bar car, but it was closed - and there we were, with a bottle of champagne that the Rednecks had purchased.  So, since it was an emergency, naturally we popped the cork and drank the champagne straight from the bottle (much to the disgust of the French people around us on the train).  Oh yeah, you just don't get much classier than that...  Anyway, some photos from the day.  Enjoy!

Snowy fields shot from the train window

Reims - home of champagne and pink buses

Reims - looking mighty picturesque

Reims cathedral exterior detail - souls being dragged off to hell

Reims cathedral exterior detail - seriously freaky bizarro gargoyle

Reims cathedral exterior detail - is this the patron saint of beer?

Reims cathedral exterior

Reims cathedral exterior

Reims cathedral exterior detail - close up of the highest point of the previous photo

Reims cathedral exterior

Reims cathedral exterior - more of the freaky bizarro gargoyles

Reims cathedral interior

Reims cathedral interior - stained glass designed by Marc Chagall

Reims cathedral - it's ridiculously tall

Champagne tour - learning the different sizes of bottles.  I like the one on the left...

Champagne tour - GH Mumm

Champagne tour - GH Mumm vintage vault

Champagne tour - GH Mumm's vast underground tunnels

GH Mumm - first tasting of the day

Basilica St Remi

Basilica St Remi - interior detail

Basilica St Remi

More tastings at GH Martel

And at Pommery

The beautiful buildings at Pommery

The beautiful tasting at Cazenove - last stop of the day

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