Monday, February 7, 2011

Luck of the Irish - Part 3

Gentle readers (assuming I still actually have any readers after such a long absence?), I am very happy to report to you that I am not, in fact, writing to you from a cardboard box under the Pont Neuf.  It was a pretty close call, but I managed to find a new home at the very last minute - whew!!!  You may remember that I had two rather fabulous pieces of luck last year ( Luck of the Irish and Luck of the Irish - Part 2)?  Well, this whole experience of looking for a new place to live here was so difficult and miserable and depressing that I really thought my good fortune had completely deserted me, but apparently not - I went to a dinner one night and had the right conversation with the right person at the right moment and now I'm living in a fabulous sub-let in the Marais (one of my favourite areas in Paris) for the next few months.  There's a balcony and a walk-in closet and an adorable kittycat, so I couldn't be happier.  The only real drawback is that it's a fifth-floor walk-up, but I'm so ridiculously thrilled to be here, I couldn't care less about that.

So thank you for being patient and bearing with my temporary crisis.  I'm now all moved in and mostly unpacked, so I can finally get my life (and my poor neglected blog) back to normal.  Let the eating and drinking and socializing (and snarky writing) re-commence...

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