Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Tails" of romance from the City of Love

Ladies and gentlemen, Miss K is proud to present the Fifth-Floor Feline Players production of: Cat on a Cold Brick Window-Ledge, starring Furry Man-Whore and Neighbour Kitty.

She comes and waits forlornly at the window, hoping to be invited in.

He sees her - it's love at first sight.  But wait, he also loves Miss K!  What's a furry man-whore to do?

He decides to shun Miss K and put the moves on this new gal, but now she's playing hard-to-get.

He gives up, which is probably a good thing, because it turns out...

...that she's actually a vampire kitty!  Aieeeeeeee!!!!!!

Thank you, and good night!  You've been a great audience! Tip your waitress!

(Wow, it's amazing what I'll come up with to amuse myself on a rainy night in February...)


  1. "Witty...heartstopping...with an ending you just won't see coming. Raise your glass of milk to 'Cat on a Cold Brick Window-Ledge!'" Kitty Tail Times.

  2. And the show is a hit - next stop: Broadway!!!