Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Totally crap outfit of the week

You know, Miss K is not a total killjoy when it comes to fashion - if people want to wear novelty sweaters, they should absolutely feel free to do such a thing.  By which I mean: at Christmas,  in the privacy of your own home where you will be seen only by friends and family who will love you regardless, and where you can blame over-indulgence in excessive amounts of alcohol as an excuse for wearing such a garment.  But in public?  In broad daylight??  In Paris???  Madame, even the snowmen (yes, in the plural - there are four on this sweater) are embarrassed...

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  1. I never really say anything bad about the singer Mathieu, but I realize from her teens onward, the poor woman has had no sense of style.

    My favorite thing on her is her winter coat which hides whatever she is wearing under it, as God knows, it will be hideous.

    I've never made it west of Lorraine, as those people scare me. Anyway, here's the dress she wore to get her new badge.

    It kind of reminds me of the old American cartoon: The Flintstones...