Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chic chiens?

I think there is a doggie fashion show taking place around the corner from my apartment right now.  And the reason why I think this is because when I was walking home this afternoon, that street was closed off (with security guards in attendance, no less) and there was a big catwalk (or should it be dogwalk?) laid out in front of the very large pet store there.  And now, a couple of hours later, techno-ish music suitable for a fashion show is pumping out, I can hear an announcer yapping  away (although it's too far away for me to actually make out the words) and I can also hear an awful lot of dogs barking.  Gentle readers, I could go investigate this for you, but that would involve traipsing down my five long flights of stairs and then dragging myself back up them again afterward.  And what if I'm wrong?  A doggie fashion show in Paris would be just weird enough to be kinda awesome, but I'm not about to take the chance.   Besides, and more importantly, Furry Man-Whore is completely flaked out on my lap and if I disturbed him to go and check out a bunch of dogs, he would take his little kittycat revenge out on me somehow - it's just not worth the risk that he might vomit in my hair when I'm sleeping.  Not that he's ever done such a thing, but that's why I try not to make him mad at me...


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