Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This isn't how they do it in Texas...

As you know, I like to keep my beady little eyes open for all things quirky and different here in Paris, and I'm pretty sure that seeing a line dancing lesson (in French!!!) taking place in front of the Hotel de Ville qualifies for that category.  You know, the French are talented at many things, but going by this, line dancing just ain't one of them. The only good thing about the lesson is the little kid on the left who is awesomely trying to follow along. 

I'm sorry, I shouldn't be mean about people trying to learn something, but Miss K has a little fantasy involving line dancing and a hot cowboy and this is really spoiling it for me, because he most certainly wouldn't be a Parisian cowboy.  Can you imagine?  A Parisian cowboy would have perfectly polished boots, a perfectly ironed shirt, a big scarf with a complicated knot, and he'd wear his ten-gallon hat tilted to the side like a beret.  If you'll excuse me, I have to go watch "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" again, just to get that image out of my head... 


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