Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crab bread

Everyone knows that the French make the best bread in the world - baguette, batard, brioche (to name just a few) - ooooh la la!  But perhaps the bakers here are getting a little bored and need to amuse themselves?    I passed a local boulangerie the other day, and couldn't quite believe the awesomeness of these loaves (please forgive the poor quality of the photos, I was in a hurry and was shooting through the window glass):

Turtle bread

Gator bread
My personal favourite - crab bread!!!
Sea creatures at the bakery
Totally amazing, and although you can't tell from the photos, they're really big as well, a good couple of feet long (or wide, as in the case of Monsieur Crab).  I was very impressed with these, although not quite as impressed as I was with the local boulangerie which makes bread shaped like...erm...how to say this delicately?...well, it's shaped like male genitalia.  That's right, it's penis bread.  (Which is yet another sentence I never thought I'd say.)  Well, that's a photo for another day, gentle readers...

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