Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Totally crap outfit of the week #20

Okay, so here's what I don't get:

1) It's 4000 degrees Celcius and you're wearing Uggs.  I actually own a pair of very lovely Uggs and wore them a couple of years ago to take a flight from London to Toronto in December and they were so insanely hot that I had to take them off, and walk around the airport in my socks like a hobo (and yes, answer the awkward security questions about why I was carrying my boots rather than wearing them).  They were so hot that I couldn't bear to put them back on again until we landed and I could go out into the minus 22C weather in Toronto, which is a circumstance when wearing a pair of sheepskin boots was entirely right and proper.  But on a summer day in Paris when it's already 4000C?  How is this okay?  And more to the point, how have her feet not burst into flames???

2)  This is a skinny chick with a hot bod - exactly why is is she wearing underwear in a size more suited to a pre-schooler?  I mean, it's bad enough that the lingerie is black under a pink dress (you can't really tell that from this photo, but in real life, believe me, it was obvious from about 20 metres away), but why is she wearing a size that makes her look like an over-stuffed bratwurst???

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