Friday, June 17, 2011

A very good day (I think)

Gentle readers, I advise you to look up into the sky to see if there's a flaming ball of DOOM headed for the Earth.  No, really.  Because I apparently landed both an apartment AND a lucrative second job today.  And the reason why I say "apparently" is because these things have both actually happened, but I have been so unlucky in the areas of housing and finance for the past year that I am not going to believe either one of them are true until I have a) my new keys and b) my first paycheque both clutched tightly in my grubby little paws.

So the story, in brief, is this:

Home:  a colleague at work told me a friend's apartment in Montmartre would be available for rent in July and that she would put in a good word for me.  It all seemed fine until it fell apart two days ago (cue panic attacks about finding another place to live in just two weeks - aieeee!), but I met with the landlady today and basically begged her to let me rent it until she agreed.  Yes, this is how competitive the market is in Paris - if you want a home and you don't earn eight gajillion euros per month, be prepared to grovel.  And possibly barter one of your kidneys.  My negotiations didn't go quite that far, but I was ready to offer it up.  Just saying.

Work:  I love my job and they pay me well for it, but I just don't have enough hours to really get by.  So I have been looking for something else that has flexible hours and is in English (someone suggested I'd be a great dominatrix and if this doesn't work out, I might just have to think about that...), so the always-awesome Tiny Dancer mentioned me to a firm she's doing some voice work for (as she is a radio journalist and her dulcet tones are in high demand) and I also met with them today and they're giving me a trial run.  So I will be spending the whole weekend recording technical specs to be narrated onto a PowerPoint presentation, but in my current state of poverty, that actually realllllllly sounds like a good time.

So there you go - an extraordinarily lucky day for Miss K.  So lucky that I might just have to buy a lottery ticket as well.  Before I get hit by that meteor, of course...

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