Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sub culture

You may recall that I finally got a second job, but I didn't really get into the specifics of it - well, it involved submarines.  You may very well be thinking that Miss K ended up working behind the counter of Mr Sub (and it may yet come to that), but noooo - this is about the actual under-the-sea machines.  And dammit, I've now got "Under The Sea" from The Little Mermaid playing in my head...and now it's in yours too, mwahahahaha!  (Sorry, I swear I haven't been drinking - I am, however, deeply silly.)

Basically, it was a voiceover gig - listening to an engineer speaking bad English and then summarizing what he had said into good English and recording it onto a slideshow about building submarines.  Listening to the engineer was unbelievably boring (sorry, engineers - much love to you guys!), but the actual stuff about the submarines was really interesting.  I did modules on eleven different systems, so at this point I feel like I could build one of the damn things myself.  Of course, I have absolutely no mathematical ability or engineering qualifications whatsoever, so it would probably end up shaped like a unicorn and sink like an anvil, but hey, I never said my submarine would actually work.

Anyway, it was a great gig - I could do it from home and it fit around my other job, and it was also extremely well-paid.  I made about five months worth of rent in the space of three weeks, but it was a ton of very detail-oriented, extremely time-consuming work on a brutal deadline.  It's done now, but if they get another contract in September, hopefully they'll have some more work for me then.  

And who knew anyone would pay me to talk??  I can honestly say that I have never once in my entire life considered my deep voice to be an asset, but apparently the clients were very happy with me.  Of course, that's probably because I put on my super-smooth, female-version-of-Barry-White voice for the narration, and got to say all sorts of sexy engineering things like: "mounting", "studs", "enabling the shaft to move smoothly within the tube" and on one glorious occasion, in the section on ballast, "after a good blowing".  Hee!  Ahh, I make my own fun...

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