Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Things you might see in Montmartre #2

I really do love my new neighbourhood - there's something very cool about living in Montmartre.  It has all the cachet of its long and storied history, and there are parts of it that are just as charming as you imagine them to be.  However, one thing you do have to remember is that the "Mont" in Montmartre means that you are living on a big goddamn hill and that means that stairs are everywhere.  And sometimes they are cute and charming and only a couple of flights.  But other times, they are as long and steep as this bad boy I encountered today while out exploring.  Happily for me, I walked down these stairs and made a quick mental note of where they are so that I can avoid them and never have to actually walk up them.  As you may recall, my stair-climbing abilities are not exactly my greatest skill (The eyes have it )...

1 comment:

  1. As difficult as they may be, the stairs sure beat the little mini tourist train that goes up from the Place Pigalle!