Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Language matters

Moving to a country where you aren't really fluent in the language is interesting in many ways.  I mean, I can get by in French, but I know enough to be embarrassed by my crappy command of the grammar, so I am not a confident conversationalist by any means.  Which obviously kills me, because you can easily tell from this blog that I like to talk.  A lot. 

But I understand quite well, and my comprehension is improving rapidly.  One reason for this is because I watch as much French TV as I can - I don't have cable, so when I'm home I just watch whatever is on the regular channels to try and follow along.  Fortunately, they air a lot of American crime drama dubbed into French, which I greatly enjoy.   It's pretty entertaining, and not just because of the storylines, but because sometimes the actor cast to dub the part into French sounds nothing like the actor on the actual show.  For example,  Dr Mallard on NCIS - David McCallum's agent should be raising hell with whoever does the foreign-language casting because the guy dubbing his character into French sounds like he just crawled out of his sarcophagus and is about to die because he's three thousand years old.  Seriously unflattering for poor Mr McCallum.  (And just another note on NCIS - they talk about a thousand words per minute on that show - never noticed it in English but in French I have a hell of a time keeping up.  Which is good practice for me, actually.)  

So anyway, the other night Star Wars III was on TV, so I settled in to watch.  The dubbing for the actors wasn't bad, but the droids?  In French?  Hee!  But the best part?  Which I am still giggling about?  Yoda in French.  Just take a moment to it?  Good, now you can all join me in a rousing chorus of: HEE!  Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!!!  Funniest. Thing. Ever.


  1. I read that last paragraph or so to Andrew, and he had to get up and check if his DVD of Star Wars had a French language option. Sadly not.

  2. The guy who sounds like "he just crawled out of his sarcophagus" seriously gets a lot of work, usually dubbing for tough guy types in shoot 'em up flicks. I feel like I know him. Thanks for bringing him up. Try watching cartoons and listen for the "holding his nose while talking into a megaphone" guy.