Monday, February 1, 2010

Things you find behind the wardrobe

Well, I'm back.  Not that I went anywhere, but I have been somewhat offline due to the fact that I was sick last week.  Nothing serious, just a really miserable cold - I was so congested and zonked out on cold medicine that I could hardly string three words together, so there was no point in posting anything.  Having said that, I did have two pieces of very good luck last week -  my lovely friend Miss L invited me to be the first dinner guest in her new apartment on the Wednesday night, and then my equally lovely friend Miss KP invited me to a dinner party with a great group of people on the Saturday night.  And since since it's horrible to be sick and have no one to look after you, it was soooooo nice to go to other people's houses and enjoy someone else's cooking! 

I am feeling better now, and plan to be off exploring and writing about it again soon, but I have learned that sometimes you discover interesting things even when you stay home...

I spent most of last week in bed (snoozing because of the aforementioned cold, nothing to get excited about but I like how you think, you saucy monkeys) and at one point I caught sight of something shiny behind my wardrobe, which is located right next to my bed.  So I reached over to grab this mysterious object and what do you think it was? 

A riding crop.  Really.  An honest-to-goodness proper riding crop.  Which means one of two things about whoever who lived in this room prior to me: a) they were really into horseback riding or b) they were having a muuuuuuuuuch more "interesting" time in this room than I am!  I leave it to your vivid imaginations to work out which explanation amuses me more...

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