Friday, February 26, 2010

Technical difficulties

Okay, I'm back from London - huge thanks to Mr & Mrs B for housing me, and to my many lovely friends who fed me and watered me - all much appreciated!  However, having said that, it's probably a good thing that I don't intend to go back there again until June (when I am being lured back by Ladies Day at Ascot and a friend's wedding - two excuses to wear a hat in a 10 day timeframe?  AS IF I would miss out on that!) because when I'm there I have no time to write and it's quite hard to get back into the habit of doing it again once you stop for a few days.

So it's my own fault I didn't write while there, but I am now having technical difficulties here - for some reason my wifi connection seems to have completely deserted me, which is making blogging somewhat difficult.  I am currently writing this from my landlady's son's room, because that's where I had to plug in to connect.   And he'll be home this weekend so even that won't be an option then.  I am literally being forced to go to a café to write.  And in the café one must buy something - and since I am very poor and the cheapest thing on the menu is wine, I am literally being forced to drink in order to write.  Honestly, gentle readers, the things I do, and it's all for you.  I hope you appreciate the sacrifices I make...

So, this weekend I will be blogging from a café in the heart of Paris (hopefully the nice waiter who gives me free peanuts will be working then so that I will also get to eat - yay!), with wineglass in hand.  And if the post starts off with perfect spelling and good punctuation and then degenerates into something that looks like shegoapbr drgijeroigbn irghalbi, then you'll know I might have ordered a second....or possibly third glass.  What?  I'll be writing, it's thirsty work!

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