Friday, August 13, 2010

Too many topics

I started wondering if anyone actually reads this thing, so I just didn't bother updating it for a week.  And yes, I know that's bad but I was feeling demotivated and I didn't have much material to talk about anyway.  However, after the email bollocking I have received over the past few days from loyal readers who basically told me to get off my lazy arse and get writing, I am back, baby!

It's probably good that I took this little break, actually, because my brain is now positively overflowing with material to write about...but which topic first?  The totally crap outfit of the week?  My day with the dead?  The quote of the week?  Paris as a ghost town?  The new Lost Generation?  The revolting lack of customer service in this city (yeah, I've talked about that before but I have a whole new rant coming up)? Suddenly being able to see English-language tv after 10 months of being deprived of it?  Finding inspiration from unlikely sources?

Yep, that's all coming up.  But the decision for what to write about today was taken out of my hands, because as I was sitting at my dining room table writing this, I just saw a guy riding down my street on a bicycle.  Nothing interesting about that, except that he was making vroom-vroom motorcycle noises. Yelling them out so loudly that I could hear him from three floors above street level.  I just... I... words escape me to describe this level of crazy.  Paris, man.  Sometimes I don't even have to do any work, this stuff just happens right in front of me...

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