Monday, August 2, 2010

Magical Marrakech - Part 7

I'm actually not still in Marrakech, I'm back in Paris, but as I didn't get a chance to post about our last day there (no time on the actual day and technical difficulties between my laptop and my camera since then - and was I going to do a post about our last day in Marrakech with no photos?  I don't think so), I am afraid this one is a little bit behind the times.

Nevertheless, our last day there was excellent - Bronx Girl was fully recovered and so we dashed around doing the few things we hadn't managed to previously fit in.  We paid an early morning visit to the Majorelle Gardens (famously owned and restored by Yves St Laurent - apparently he had his ashes scattered here, and who could argue with such a beautiful final resting place?), which turned out to be my favourite place there - it's a tranquil oasis of blues and greens in a very hot, crazy city.  If you are going to visit Marrakech, I highly recommend a visit here (it's not a big place so come early to avoid the big tour bus crowds), but do it toward the end of your trip as you will really appreciate the peaceful surroundings by then!

At the entrance
The light was just beautiful
The exquisite waterlily pond...
...where there were turtles!
It's amazing that turtles are cute, but they really, really are.
The nice people at Canon make fabulous cameras - I was about 10 ft away for this shot!
No comment
Another water feature
The villa
We also thought we should check out the ruins of the Badii Palace, seeing as how they were right behind our riad:
See the plants? That's our roof terrace.  See the storks?  That's the palace wall.
There isn't actually a great deal to see at the palace as it was pretty much completely plundered, but since the plundering took twelve whole years to accomplish, you can easily imagine how impressive it must have been, back in the day.  The shell of the palace is vast and there's virtually no shade, so if you do go there, don't do it in the full heat of the afternoon (which is what we did, but we had no choice as we were leaving later that day).

And that was it - our trip to Marrakech, I hope you've enjoyed hearing about it.  One final picture, as it was the last one I took on our way out of town:

More storks, just hanging out at the mosque.

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