Monday, August 23, 2010

Totally crap outfit of the week

So the real tragedy here is that I can see where this nice lady wanted to go with this look.  Really, I can.   I do read the fashion magazines and I hear that leather shorts are shortly (excuse the pun) to be very fashionable. Welllllll, maybe.  I could get on board with wearing them for the autumn/winter season with some tights and boots, and that might be quite adorable.  HOWEVER.  Wearing leather shorts in August when the temperature is over 30C??? Nooooooo.  I'm dreadfully sorry, but unless your name IS, in fact, Fritz, and you ARE, in fact, herding goats on some Tyrolean mountain, just step back - waaaaaaay back -  from the freakin' lederhosen, okay?  If it wouldn't be too much trouble????  Thanks.  Love, Miss K

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