Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fabulous Fontainebleau

As one of the many projects I am catching up on, I finally got around to sorting through a gigantic backlog of photos, and since my Marrakech posts proved to be very popular, I thought I'd share a few of my other recent trips. First up is Fontainebleau (which, roughly translated from the French, means "this is my idea of a humble hunting lodge - oh yes, it's good to be the king"), where I went in August on a day trip with Mrs Redneck.  Both of us are experienced travelers, so the amount of trouble we had in actually getting there was so embarrassingly ridiculous, I'm not even going to discuss it.  But if anyone is thinking of going there by train, be advised that even though the chateau is the only thing to see in town, don't expect there to be a sign of any kind to help you figure out where to go.  Just sayin'.

Yes, just a humble hunting lodge

There's no way that I could have been more amused to find a plate of Niagara Falls

Those French kings - such minimalists

I cannot tell you how much I want these awesome Medusa-head doors for my imaginary dream home

I also want one of these - SO great

The guy in the middle must be sooo mad to be going through eternity with no hands...

Oh yeah, like everyone doesn't have a fireplace like that. Whatever.

For me, the best part is his jaunty scarf

I suppose it's all right.  If you like that sort of thing.  Which I do.

I recommend the little cart to see the grounds because your feet will be KILLING you

And the grounds just keep going...

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