Monday, November 15, 2010

Things you might see on the street

Okay, Miss K cheerfully admits to being low-class swamp trash, but even I would not be caught dead in a vehicle like this.  I can't really criticize carrying your furniture strapped to the top of your car, or covering your seats with crappy blankets (since those are both things that my low-class swamp trash family was known to do back in the day - ahem!) but the paint job?  Which looks like it was done with the brush from a bottle of nail polish?  That just ain't right.  The pink would be vile enough on, say, a scarf or a blouse (or anything in the world ever), but you know, I just have to respect the commitment to detail - not only painting the bumper, but also the matching accents in the centre of the hubcaps.  Niiiice...

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