Sunday, November 28, 2010

Totally crap outfit of the week

Woman #1 - Hey, I have a great idea - let's dig out the ugliest things in our wardrobes and go parading around the streets of Paris like total half-wits!

Woman #2 - Oooh, that'll be fun, and I have just the thing:  a blue and purple coat with a floral print - it looks like a colour-blind monkey junkie designed it while stoned, it's perfect!  What do you have?

Woman #1 - Mine is so much more gross - I've got a purple and yellow tartan jacket, some of the ugliest bags ever made, and best of all, tights with faces on them. Can you imagine what that's going to look like when I put it all together?!?

Woman #2 - OMG, we are going to so totally look like idiots - woohoo!!!

Or so I imagine the conversation must have gone, because what other explanation could there possibly be for this???

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