Friday, November 12, 2010

Why the Belgians are better than the French (Pt 4 and final)

16.  Okay, you need to look very carefully at the photo below: the two people on this bike are facing away from each other.  Yes, that's right.  On the same bike, facing in different directions.  I...just...don't even know what to say about it, except that you would certainly never see the French doing anything that awesomely insane. 
17.  This is how the Belgians do hot chocolate.  Totally. Civilized. Country.
18.  The Belgian waffle (and yes, there actually is a waffle lurking underneath all that, you just can't see it - and that's how I like it!):  suuuure, the French do amazingly delicious and perfect pastries, but would you ever find anything resembling this hot mess in France?  Mais non! But quite honestly, if they loosened up on the perfection once in a while, it might do them some good...
19.  The French can sometimes be a bit too subtle.  The Belgians?  Yeah, not so much.
20.  A giant replica cone of frites by the front door - you would never see anything this tacky (and awesome) in France.  But I swear, every time I see this photo I get hungry, so it's effective advertising.  And also?  Hee!  Truly, my love knows no bounds.
So here we are at the end of my twenty reasons why the Belgians are better than the French (which, I repeat, was all tongue-in-cheek affectionate teasing, of course) - I've had fun choosing the photos and writing about it, I hope you've enjoyed reading it.  I now return you to our regularly scheduled programme...


  1. much as I adore Paris - Belgium (apart from Brussels which for some reason always treats me badly) will always have a special place in my heart.

    Frites to die for - preferably with mayonnaise. Belgian Gin - nearly as good as the Dutch Genever. Lets not even start on chocolate - best ever chocolate chaud on Eurostar home a few weeks ago - thought they had forgotten me until a stewardess turned up with a whole pot just for me!

    They always think I am wierd as I don't drink beer!


  2. This has been a very interesting read. But you should be banned from hosting Belgian waffle pics, it plays tricks with my mind or stomach!!