Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Things you might find in my bedroom

Now don't get all excited from the title, you cheeky little monkeys (honestly, what filthy minds you all have - mercy!) - it just occurred to me that although I have written about Furry Man-Whore before ("Tails" of romance from the city of love), I haven't really shown you what he looks like up close, and I thought I'd post a couple of photos so you know what I'm talking about when I refer to him. 

Oh, all right, I'm a crappy liar - here's the real reason:  I've been pretty consistent about posting recently and I am trying to keep my momentum going, but I just have nothing whatsoever to write about today, so I am using the technique of posting cute kitty-cat pictures to distract you from that fact.  Don't judge me!  I feel so cheap... sob!  (Unless, of course, the technique worked, in which case...woo hoo!)

"Yeah, baby - c'mon over here and gimme some looove..."

"That's right, I'm a furry man-whore, and this is just how we roll..."


  1. Well, you can't go too far wrong with this loyal reader with photos of a handsome furry man-whore. But I'm dying to know...whatever happened to vampire kitty? Can we expect a sequel?

  2. ... works just fine with me!