Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vincennes with the Rednecks

Well, February is finally over and Miss K, for one, is extremely glad.  Most years, I spend January in a post-Xmas funk, sulking about the cold weather and being broke and toxic and gross from all of the over-spending and over-eating and over-drinking during the holidays.  But this year I decided to shake things up and do it in February instead.  Why?  For the excellent reason that my lovely friends Mr and Mrs Redneck were leaving Paris at the end of January, so I spent as much time with them as I could before they left.  And if you are a regular reader of this blog, you will probably recall that spending time with The Rednecks also involves spending time with excessive amounts of alcohol to the extent that their last name has actually become a verb for drinking.  To demonstrate, I will use it in a sentence: "Man, I was out getting Rednecked almost every night in January, but my liver just can't take all that Rednecking these days."  You see what I mean, yes? So there was no point whatsoever in me trying to detox while they were still here...

Anyway,  Mr and Mrs Redneck are awesome, so I was very bummed that they moved back to the US (I mean, really, how dare they - don't they know it's all about me???), but before they left, we managed one more day trip, out to the Chateau de Vincennes.  It wasn't as educational as our trip to Reims (Reims with the Rednecks) , but we did manage to learn a few things  (mostly about how seemingly pretty stained glass windows can actually be rather disturbing...) before heading to a bar for copious amounts of vin chaud.  And yes, I did get well and truly Rednecked that evening. Sniffle! Dang, I miss those guys...

The tallest donjon in Europe

Interior of the chapel

Interior of the chapel - pretty stained glass, right?  Actually all about the Apocalypse - how delightful.

Yep, raining down fire upon the sinners...

...and smiting the sinners...

...and drowning the sinners.  Perhaps I should stop sinning- apparently it will not end well for me.

The little demons would be scarier if they weren't so darn cute

Ceiling detail in the chapel


View of the city from the battlements

View of the chapel from the battlements

A last glimpse before heading for the bar.  History? Check.  Time for drinks...

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