Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Totally crap outfit of the week...or is it?

You know, I have to say - when this lady brings the crazy?  She brings it hard.  I mean, I am slightly in awe: it's about 18 layers of crazy, but please note how carefully it all matches.  And I beg you to scroll down for the close-up - normally I only use a full-length photo for these, but quite honestly?  This deserves a close-up...

Okay, this is where she goes so far into totally crap that she kinda tips right over into totally awesome.  I originally thought it was feathers, but I do believe that's her hair sticking up, adorned with chopsticks (matching chopsticks, no less), but the best thing, the very best thing ever, is that she's actually wearing a crown.  A crown!!! At 4:30pm on a random Wednesday, while going to do her grocery shopping.  So. Freakin'. Great.  Your Majesty (if I may call you that?), Miss K salutes you and would very much like to know where I can get a crown of my own...


  1. awesome shot!

    how did you get so close unnoticed???

  2. Thanks Julia - I honestly took about 10 photos and went with the best ones in this case...