Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why the Belgians are better than the French (Pt 5)

From the title above, you might be thinking that Miss K had paid another enjoyable visit to the fine country of Belgium, as my last trip there yielded several posts on this topic (Why the Belgians are better than the French Pt1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4), but this is not the case.  In fact, I am speaking of a particular Belgian, who will be referred to as such until I decide on an appropriate nickname for him.  

What happened was this: a mutual friend in London asked me if I could have a drink with The Belgian when he was in Paris this past weekend, since he doesn't know anyone here.  Being a friendly sort (not to mention always being agreeable to having drinks bought for me), I said yes.  So I met up with the Belgian, we had a drink and then moved on to dinner, which is where he managed to use the word "rectum" in conversation - within two hours of us meeting for the first time!  I ask you - when has this become acceptable dinner talk?  Y'all know I'm swamp trash, but even I have standards.

And yet - put together someone who has absolutely no filter on what they say (him - "rectum", "semen", and the complete rundown of every sexual experience he's ever had) and someone who mocks unmercifully (me - I threatened to nickname him Rectum Guy on this blog, and really, nobody wants to be that guy), and you have an extremely entertaining evening.  Hence the title; no French guy has ever amused me that much - yet.  If that changes, I'll be happy to re-title the post...

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  1. Sounds like my boss, who can not have a business meeting without reference to biological functions of humans. I always have to wash my hands twice after the meeting... I am such a prude though.

    I have to admit having to look up the translation of rectum only to find it didn't need one. I was actually hoping it had maybe a Vietnamese sing/song cadence to it, but no.