Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Magical Marrakech - Part 6

Oh dear.  Well, I am afraid that today (Tuesday) wasn't very magical for Bronx Girl, who has been sick as a dog most of last night and all of today, poor thing.  She had to stay here at the riad, and as I know (single girl that I am) only too well how miserable it is to be sick and have no one look after you, I stayed here too.  But by about 6pm, she felt well enough for us to venture out for some air, so we went to Kosybar, which has the nicest roof terrace I have yet seen in Marrakech (although the real appeal in this case is that it's located only two minutes walk from our riad).  We had a couple of soft drinks and enjoyed being outside, but alas, she had a relapse and we had to scurry back home.  But on the bright side, at least we saw a new view of the Marrakech storks:
Yes, that's a sculpture of a stork in the foreground. These birds are EVERYWHERE!
And I fell madly in love with the cutest kitty in the world, who lives at Kosybar.  I mean, really.  Miss K's frozen black heart completely melted in the face of this awesomeness and I was seriously thisclose to trying to figure out how to bring a cat back to Paris with me, but alas, my common sense took hold.  Ah well.  Sorry, kitty - but we'll always have Marrakech...

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