Monday, April 18, 2011


Okay, Parisians, since you keep putting them right in front of me, I'll ask: what is up with these cars?  First there was this: Burns night, then there was this one: Things you might see on the street - Nov 2010, and who could forget this little classic:  Things you might see on the street - Feb 2011.  Not to mention the Barbiemobile: Things you might see on the street - Mar 2011, which I actually had forgotten  (big thank you to attentive reader Ruth for reminding me to include it).  And finally, the latest one (below).  So, I give up - what in the hell is going on with these cars???


  1. And let's not forget the hot pink Barbie car. Now that was my favourite!

  2. Actually, I DID forget the Barbie car! I will edit and re-post - thanks, Ruth!