Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Microsoft and ducklings

I had to attend a computer training session this afternoon because my office is upgrading to Windows 2010.  I mean, come on - isn't the whole point of an upgrade to make things easier to use?  Can't I just figure it out as I go?  Gahhh! Apparently not.  

So, not only was it the nicest day of the year thus far, but there I was, sitting in the hottest, stuffiest classroom on the face of the planet, looking like a total slack-jawed moron while listening to the instructor spewing technical computer vocabulary in French at the speed of sound.  Now, my spoken French is still prize-winningly crappy, but my comprehension is pretty good unless you are talking about a subject totally foreign to me, like, say...Excel, a program I never use.  However, to the credit of Bill Gates and everyone else involved in Windows 2010, even after having it explained to me in a language I don't really speak or understand properly, I am pretty sure this version of Excel is so idiot-proof that even I can use it.  So, kudos to you, Microsoft chaps!

Anyway, long story short, I convinced the instructor that I could figure out the new features on Word and PowerPoint all by myself, and escaped early to meet Tiny Dancer and English Rose for drinks beside the Canal St Martin.   And if you have suffered through this very boring post about my day, I now reward you with photos of adorable baby ducks on the canal.  All together now:  awwwwww!!!!

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