Sunday, April 17, 2011

Get some bleach for my eyes, please

Yesterday I took a stroll over to the Ile St-Louis and wandered around in the sunshine on the quai next to the Seine.  It was all perfectly delightful until I got to the western tip of the island and happened across a 60ish man sunbathing in only a g-string - eek!  I told this story to a couple of my friends here, and the first thing they asked was whether I had taken a photo.  Well, I hope this doesn't disappoint y'all too much, but no.   Clearly the gentleman isn't overly burdened with modesty and I'm not sure one has much of an expectation of privacy when one lolls around nearly naked in public in a major metropolis, but those considerations aside, that's not why I didn't take a photo.  It's because I was nearly blinded by the glare of the sunshine reflecting off his frighteningly shiny, oiled-up buttocks (gah!), and I'm not sure a photo would have turned out very well...

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