Friday, October 22, 2010

One simple task

Do you ever just need to do one simple task and end up having to do eighteen other things just to make that one simple task possible?  So today I decide to change my sheets.  So I strip the bed.   Then I realize that I have no clean sheets to put on the bed because the others are all in my giant laundry pile.  Okay, so I have to do laundry - simple.  Wellllllll, not so much - for me, doing laundry involves loading it into a suitcase, lugging it down six flights of stairs, dragging it five blocks to the laundromat, waiting around for it and then hauling it all back again - an extremely inconvenient and time-consuming affair.  Particularly today, because I don't have a suitcase available.  Why?  Because I've been pretty much packed and ready to move since the beginning of September, which now looks like it won't happen until the end of November (more on this another time).  But the point is that all my suitcases are already full.  So in order to just do laundry, I have to completely unpack one of these suitcases, which I do.  

So I go off to the laundromat.  When I return, I unpack the clean laundry onto the half of my bed which is not already occupied by the contents of the suitcase I had to unpack in order to do the freakin' laundry in the first place.  Then I start re-packing the suitcase, but I decide I should put those clothes into one of those groovy space-saver bags that you shrink down to nothing by sucking the air out with a vacuum.  Then I realize that there are clothes in another suitcase that could also fit in that bag.  So I unpack that whole suitcase as well and transfer those clothes to the space-saver bag, too.  And of course, this whole genius idea of mine necessitates me getting out the vacuum.  Sigh.  You see how my day went?  So I used the vacuum, repacked suitcase #1, repacked suitcase #2, put away my laundry and finally, finally put fresh sheets on the goddamn bed.  That was my day, people.  One simple task that took nine hours.  Even in Paris, that ain't fun. 

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