Monday, October 18, 2010

What happened?

How has it come to this?  I've been in Paris nearly a year now, and the first few months were soooo quiet that I was in danger of becoming some crazy hermit cat lady (except without the cat), and now I have so many things to do all the time that I can't ever seem to catch up.  Not that I am complaining, especially since one of my new obligations will actually pay me, which is good, since that whole living-an-impoverished-but-still-oh-so-charming life in Paris just ain't what it used to be.  (Then again, I am also not smoking opium and drinking absinthe, which I'm sure made the starving artist thing much more fun!)

Anyway, I need to fill in a medical form, make another doctor's appointment, go have the x-ray that I still haven't had done, send in something for my taxes, learn a huge amount of information for this second job, finish packing up my room (for the move that still hasn't happened and I don't know when it will, but I need to be ready), sort through photos dating back to August, plan a quick trip to London, get some more work done on my novel, start trying to find a Christmas gift for the most impossible-to-buy-for person in the entire universe (yes, I need to start that in October and if I'm very lucky, I might just find something by the end of December but don't hold your breath), reply to about 300 emails dating back from June if not earlier (I am scared to look in case it's even worse than I think it is), and occasionally catch up with my friends.  And I'm pretty sure that I have forgotten about 20 things off that list, but I don't have time to remember them just now.

And of course, I need to keep up with this blog - I really wanted to have a perfect record this month and it just didn't happen, but I am still trying to post in a more timely fashion than in previous months - *coughAugustcoughSeptembercough*.  So I am trying hard, but if you're reading these and thinking that I'm not really bringing my A-game at the moment, this is why.  I hope to pull it together soon, though...

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