Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Paris nights

I have to confess, I really have nothing to say today but as I am rocking a perfect, unbroken record of posting every day this month (and I am aware that it's pathetic when I am so proud of that fact when it's only the 5th of the goddamn month, but nonetheless), I have to tell you something.  And if I were at home, perhaps I could dredge up a photo of life in Paris and tell you something about it, but I'm not.  In point of fact, tonight is a perfect example of how awesomely spontaneous life in Paris can be - I was supposed to meet Tiny Dancer (previously known as Miss A in this blog, but due to a dance incident that involved The Running Man, among other highlights) to go and see the apartment she's about to move into, but since she has no hot water at her old apartment, she had to go around the corner to The Redhead's place to shower. So we all met there, had a little apero (aka a whole bottle of wine) and it just turned into one of those evenings - we went out to get two more bottles of wine,  several pizzas, and a large amount of dessert.  And The Redhead got her husband, The Mad Scientist, to bring home a projector, so we are about to watch The Big Lebowski.   Bliss, just bliss...

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