Monday, March 8, 2010

Dull, dull, dull

I had a plan, which was to continue my fashion theme right through Paris Fashion Week, but I did nothing of the sort - you may have noticed I didn't post at all for the past couple of days, which was entirely due to being grouchy and out of sorts. Sorry, my bad.

So instead I had one of those weekends where you stay home and Get. Stuff. Done.  It was quite possibly the most boring weekend that any person not currently being held in solitary confinement has ever spent, but talk about productive: huge pile of laundry done, huge pile of mending done, room tidied to within an inch of its life, bathroom cleaned, floor vacuumed, books and DVDs organized and paperwork sorted.  I even tackled my huge music collection and managed to classify all 6194 songs into various playlists.  (Admittedly, I classified 5198 of them into an "Undecided" playlist for the time being, but nonetheless, a good effort.)

Anyway, so now that absolutely every single thing I own is in its proper place (possibly for the first time in my entire life), I feel much more relaxed and cheerful.  So, what's up this week?  Well, I have to go and deal with French bureaucracy for the first time (which, from what I've heard, is terrifying, but I am sure the experience will give me some material to rant about), and go to an expat drinks thing, and do some more exploring.  Sun is shining, weather is crisp and cold, let's see what's out there... 

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