Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Strange day...

I had a bit of an odd day.  First of all, there was the weather - it alternated between pouring rain and blazing sunshine all day long.  Seriously.  Rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, sun.  Ridiculous!

Secondly, I was horrified to realize that I had forgotten to mail my form to reclaim the excess UK tax I paid last year before I moved, and that the tax year ends on 5th April - eek!!!  So I immediately ran to the post office to send it on their quickest service to the UK - and guess how much it cost?  44 frickin' euros!!!  I could have bought a one-way Eurostar ticket and taken it there my damn self for that much.  But since I am desperately hoping to get a couple of grand back and since I really had no choice, I reluctantly paid it.  (Well, technically, the nice people at Mastercard paid it, but I suppose I will have to pay them back at some point.)  And it may all be for nothing - did I fill out the form correctly?   Will it get there in time?  Will they actually give me the money?  Who the hell knows??

Then I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a couple of things, and since I was still  freaking  out over the tax thing, I thought I might cheer myself up with a chocolate bar.  So I was at the checkout, the man was scanning my items, he set the chocolate bar aside and said it was no good.  I thought he meant the code on that particular bar was no good, but nooooo, he was making a little joke that I perhaps shouldn't have all that chocolate.  Ohhh ha ha, sir, how verrrry amusing.  And perhaps you're right, monsieur.  Maybe my jeans are getting to be a bit on the snug side because I have made one or two too many trips to the pâtisserie of late, but really?  Do you think it's wise to joke about these things with the very stressed woman with the scary eyes?  Really???

And then I went to the bank, where my one simple request made them look at me like an escaped mental patient, but I am not even going to tell you that story today.  Because right now I am far too busy eating chocolate - and the snarky man at the grocery store and my too-snug jeans can both just go to hell because today I. Don't. Care.

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