Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Paris Fashion Week

After yesterday's bitchfest about that outfit, I thought I'd just continue with the fashion theme in honour of Paris Fashion Week kicking off today.  Although, I have to be honest, I can't really imagine how Paris could possibly have any more focus on fashion this week than any other - the pressure to look good here is brutal. I don't know if it's because Paris itself is so beautiful, or because Parisians are innately stylish, but make no mistake, you are expected to make an effort here, even if you are just dashing out to  the corner store.  If people have to look at you, they expect it to be a pleasant aesthetic experience - if not, prepare yourself for scorn.  It's subtle Parisian scorn, but it's there, trust me. 

I have spent time in New York and I lived in London for many years (both very stylish cities) but it's different in Paris. For one thing, the city is chock-full of dainty little Amelie-lookalikes, and I am a tall, broad-shouldered Canadian - there's not much I can do about being built like a lumberjack, but damned if I'll be a poorly dressed lumberjack. Luckily, I moved here at the beginning of November and I've been able to hide under my very nice winter coat (which covers me from neck to ankle) ever since.  However, spring is coming and I am terrified at the thought of displaying my wardrobe to the withering gaze of the locals.  After my great Moving-Countries-Wardrobe-Cull of 09, I don't have all that much left in my closet, so on my recent trip to London, I picked up a few items for spring/summer (thank you, nice people at Amex, I'll pay you back soon.  Honest.) because in London, unlike Paris, I know where to find the bargains.  So I think I am all set now - I will let you know how it goes once the weather is nice enough to ditch the coat.  Until then, stay tuned for either the Awesome or Totally Crap Outfit of the Week as I continue to judge others.  What?  I live here, it's what we do!

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