Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Totally crap outfit of the week

Normally I reserve this regular feature for the awesome outfit of the week, but I just couldn't let this crime against style go unreported; I can tell that I am becoming a local because I am starting to be genuinely offended by terrible taste in fashion.  Madame, it's bad enough that your jacket was vile even in the style hell of 1985, but what is that thing you have draped over it?  It appears to be a Bolivian tablecloth covered in technicolour clown vomit.  Hmmm, now what goes with clown vomit?  Oh, of course - a red and yellow kilt and completely unforgivable fuschia shoes.  Madame, if you are going to sport this monstrosity of an outfit, kindly keep to the backstreets and don't go strolling past the Louvre where all the tourists can see you and get the wrong idea about what the locals wear.  We Parisians have our standards, you know...

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