Friday, June 18, 2010

London calling - Part 2

So here I am, back at the office - technically I'm not actually on holiday, I still have to put in my work hours, but from the London office, rather than the one in Paris (oooh, it's an exciting life I lead - come to London, do some filing, wheee! Good times...).  But since I am here and there's only so much filing I can do before I start looking for the nearest letter opener for gouging out my eyeballs, I thought I'd take a little break and quickly write something on here.

London seems friendlier to me these days - perhaps it's the fact that I am now spending my days among the French (who are, for the most part, a surly bunch), but I was astonished by how helpful people have been since I got back here.  Being Canadian, I am used to the North American customer service model, which goes something like this: "Can I help you? No, we don't have that in stock, but if you can wait a minute, I will call every single store on this continent to find it for you and we'll send it to the most convenient location for you to pick up at no added cost to your fine self, and now that I have helped you with that, is there anything else I can help you with?"  It's wonderful, and oh, how I have missed that in Europe over the past decade.  But I arrived in London on Tuesday and was immediately shocked that not one but two Tube employees were extremely helpful and nice to me (and if you are a Londoner, you will be suitably disbelieving about this crazy story, but I swear it's true).  Of course, I then saw a drunk man in a suit throwing up in the street at 5:00 in the afternoon, and a drug bust happened right in front of me, so it's definitely still good old London town...

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