Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Luck of the Irish

Okay, here's something you don't know about Miss K.  I am unlucky, or at least, I have been for the past few years.  But my luck finally seems to be changing - last week I got £1000 refunded back on my UK taxes (thank you, Your Majesty) and I sold a few things in the UK that will net me another couple of hundred quid.  So far, so good for a very very broke person like me, right?  Well, you haven't even heard the best part yet - in a truly spectacular piece of luck, some Canadian friends had pre-paid for a villa in a very glam area of the south of France but couldn't actually take the trip, so they (in a remarkable act of kindness) offered it to their starving writer friend Miss K for free.  Can you believe that?  How awesome are they?  Thank you, Mr D and Miss N!!! So tomorrow I am off to Cap d'Ail - the villa is equipped with wifi, so I will still be posting while I am away, and I am keen to report on somewhere new, so stay tuned.

So doesn't this sound like things are on the upswing for me?  I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I kissed an Irishman a couple of weeks ago - perhaps I somehow stole his luck?  Poor guy, he's probably been walking around falling into manholes and tripping over his shoes and wondering where the hell his luck has gone.  Well, too bad - it's mine now and I'm not giving it back!