Monday, June 7, 2010

Try not to hate me - Part 3

Okay, so here's the thing. Cap d'Ail is kind of a sleepy little hamlet, it must be said.  The kind of place that, in the evening, is as "dead as heaven on a Saturday night" to quote from Closing Time (one of the best songs ever, in Miss K's humble opinion - then again, I might have spent too much time in bars not to appreciate it) by the eternally awesome Leonard Cohen, a good Canadian boy if ever there was one - and is it wrong that in his 70s I still think he's pretty hot?

Ahem.  But I digress - rather a lot.  ANYWAY, what I meant to say was that even though Cap d'Ail is a quiet place, it is so ridiculously full of beauty that this spectacular park, which in any other place, at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon would be jammed with people (picnicking; having their wedding photos taken; even shagging, for god's sake) was totally, completely, 100% deserted.  The whole time it took me to walk down the path through the park and again when I walked back up it (which I have to admit took a little longer, this place is totally freakin' vertical), it was EMPTY.  Because everyone else was scattered along the beaches, which are even more spectacular.  Seriously.  This place is just unbelievably gorgeous...

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