Thursday, May 13, 2010

From busy to bored

Okay, I know you're not allowed to be bored when you live in Paris.  I know.  It's a wonderland of art, culture, beauty, cuisine, wine, architecture, urban planning, fashion, etc, etc, and people would sell their right kidney to be living here and I don't know how lucky I am, blahblahblah.  Okay, really:  I freakin' KNOW, people!

However, what I didn't know when I moved here is about the plethora of public holidays - today is the third one this month and as it falls on a Thursday, many people have taken the entire week off.  And in addition to nearly everything being shut today, most things are shut tomorrow as well, as a "bridge" to the weekend.  So, to recap: pretty much everyone I know is out of town, everything is closed and the weather is CRAP.  

So forgive me my boredom - yes, even here in Paris.  There is no one to call as they're all away, there's nothing to do as everything is shut, and I have already spent all goddamn winter walking all over this city, so forgive me if the thought of yet another ramble in the freezing cold (in MAY, no less!) doesn't thrill me to my very marrow.  I suppose I could have spent a productive day catching up on things, but instead I have chosen to sulk, eat, sulk, read, sulk, and drink wine.  Remember how I said that once you open the bottle, the temptation is to just go ahead and finish it?  Well, I stand by that and I must add that it also really helps the sulking process, in case you were wondering.   Let's all just pray for some sun tomorrow, that's all I ask...

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