Monday, May 24, 2010

Picnic, Paris-style

Summer is finally here in Paris and I decided to celebrate the great weather with some expat friends and a picnic in the Parc Montsouris (a lovely park a little off the beaten track, highly recommended).  The photo below is of our picnic spread, which was all very lovely and even moderately healthy.  This, however, does not show you all the factors involved:

a) our picnic was only for four girls
b) there were four bottles of wine (only three are pictured because we remembered the last bottle just before we left and knocked it back faster than Romans at an orgy.  Oh yes, we're a classy bunch.)
c) the lovely Miss M also brought along a delightful little apero that very closely tasted like a mango smoothie, unless of course you factor in that about half of it was vodka 
d) the lovely Miss M lives very near the park and although one of our group sensibly departed after the picnic, the other three of us went to Miss M's house and drank another blenderful of the mango vodka smoothie things as well as two or three more bottles of wine

And that, gentle readers, is why you haven't heard from me for a few days - the picnic was on Friday and my subsequent ruin lasted all the way through Saturday and a little bit of yesterday.  It didn't stop me from attending three more social occasions this weekend but it did stop me from being able to string a coherent sentence together!  My apologies, but I will try to post every single day this week to make it up to you.  Just as long as there isn't another picnic, I should be fine...

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