Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wait, what day is it?

Really?  It's the 11th of May?  How are we nearly halfway through the month already??  Well, I guess I didn't notice because I've been so damn busy; I have finished working at the bar as they don't need me now that the weather is horrible, and the sale goes through next Monday so things are winding down anyway.  It's too bad, because I really enjoyed it - the experience was very valuable and I definitely miss my awesome boss and his delicious cooking, but c'est la vie...

It's been quite nice to get my life back, though - I basically put my entire social life on hold while I was there because I really needed to get that bar experience, but now I'm fluttering about like a little social butterfly again.  Since the 1st of May, this is what I've been up to:
  • out dancing until 5am (will post more re this another time)
  • a dinner party with a glamorous international crowd at a diplomat's house
  • a cheesy-80s-movie-night party (Flashdance+lots of wine=embarrassing photos!)
  • an afternoon of cocktails which led to an evening of cocktails
  • girly lunch, visit to Catacombs and another evening of cocktails
  • another girly lunch (amazingly, this one was without cocktails)
  • had one of my best London friends over to visit for three days
  • hosted my first real Paris party (will post more re this another time)
 Whew!  No wonder I didn't notice the month flying by so quickly...

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