Thursday, May 27, 2010


Damn, I was going to post every day this week, wasn't I?  Sorry about missing yesterday, but one of the truly wonderful things about living in Paris is that it's such a spontaneous place - I really found in London that people plan things waaaaay in advance and it's only occasionally that you meet up with friends on the spur of the moment.  It's partly due to the geography as well - London is so huge and sprawling that it can take forever to get to and from your social engagements, whereas you can get pretty much anywhere in Paris in less than 20 minutes on the Metro. 

So, yesterday afternoon when Miss M and Miss J called me up to see if I wanted to meet them for cocktails, pizza and wine?  Hell yeah!  So we had a delightful evening at Miss M's place - oh, the fun that girls can get up to with too much wine, a camera and playing dress-up (No, not like that!  God, you people are perverts - but that's why I like you...).  I'm not saying there were Charlie's Angels poses, but I'm not necessarily denying it, either - and no, before you ask, I will not be posting a photo!  Spontaneous fun on a random Wednesday night - that's what I'm talking about...


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  2. Great project, I have added your link - best of luck on your travels!