Thursday, July 22, 2010

Luck of the Irish - Part 2

Remember my original Luck of the Irish post? (Luck of the Irish)  Well, I can only assume that I stole all the luck from that poor Irishman, because here's my latest lucky break.  My friend Bronx Girl and her boyfriend were due to go to Marrakech for a week so that he could renew his French visa outside of Europe, but he got called away to Los Angeles for work instead.  So Bronx Girl asked if I'd like to come and stay at the hotel in Marrakech with her for free.  Ummmm, let me think about that for a sec.... YES!!!!  So all I had to come up with was the flights and spending money for while I am there - none of which I can actually afford, but Miss K has a pretty firm travel philosophy, which goes something like this: if someone offers you a free place to stay in a place you've always wanted to go to, just freakin' GO and worry about paying the nice people at Amex later.  Seriously.  Will I have a couple of months of living on ramen noodles and air in order to pay for this?  Sure, but it will be worth it.

Off to airport now, will report in tomorrow from Marrakech - the heat is going to be 40+C, so I think I can guarantee I will be blogging in the afternoons from the air-conditioned comfort of our riad after morning sightseeing.

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