Friday, July 23, 2010

Magical Marrakech

So here we are in Marrakech, and thus far it is living up to all my expectations.  Fabulous room at the riad? Check.
An unexpected bonus piece of luck (our riad being located directly behind the ruin of the Badii palace, thereby giving us the best view in town of the storks - a holy bird in Marrakech - nesting there)?  Check.
A nighttime visit to the crazy Jemaa El Fna (the main square)?  Check. 
Seeing things there like the local delicacy (if you're squeamish, skip this photo - those are sheep's heads and the little round things are braaaains - ugh!)? Check.
Skipping that in favour of a delicious lamb, prune and almond tagine?  Check.
Seeing random but amazing things on the wander home?  Check.
And all of that was yesterday on our very first night.  Today has also been interesting, but as it's not over yet, I think I'll wait until later and do another post about today - you never know what we might see and do before the day ends here...

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