Saturday, April 10, 2010

Huh. Strange times.

So today I was in a bar owned by a friend of a friend and I basically begged the bar owner to give me some work experience so that I can start looking for a second job. Because (and truly, this astonishes no one more than me) I have never actually worked a bar in my long and storied career.  Waitressed?  Yes, many times in many places (and if you were on the receiving end of that, I do apologize, but just pretend I was one of those "sassy" tv waitresses - god knows, that's how I survived it).  Ran a till?  Yes (and impeccably, my count was never short, but it was in an art supply store, not quite the same thing).  Customer service? Absolutely (I worked reception at so many companies that my fake phone manner is still a thing of absolute beauty, not to mention the big smile when someone walks in the door - seriously, I'm an expert).  And, let's face it, after nine years in London, a bar is pretty much my natural habitat.  But I have never combined all these skills at the same time (not to mention the pouring of drinks that aren't being consumed by...erm...myself), so I figured that before I went begging for someone to hire me in such a capacity, I should maybe try to get a bit of experience. 

So I have essentially sold myself into unpaid indentured servitude for the next 2-3 weeks (they're actually selling the bar, which is why they don't want to hire some proper help while things are winding down, and how I weaselled myself into this), but I am strangely excited about it.  A) learning a new skill is great for me, and hopefully it will turn into paid employment somewhere else and B) it will be good to force me to speak more French and C) they will occasionally feed me. Whee!!! Win-win!

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